FGR006 Series
Fingerprint and Proximity Card Reader

FGR006 biometric fingerprint Access device

Know Exactly Who Came Through Your Door!
Replace your keys with a fingerprint.
(Additional Controller Needed)

   The Index Access fingerprint biometric physical access FGR006 model is a fingerprint and proximity card reader only, used in conjunction with an additional controller. The FGR006 Fingerprint reader can be used where multiple devices are needed for entry and exit scenarios requiring authentication. It utilizes proximity cards, and smart cards, in conjunction with fingerprint verification.
   The FGR006 is perfect for offices, factories, IT server rooms, or any location requiring monitored and verified access. the FGR006 can be integrated into a network and is highly versatile and scalable.

Suggested Controllers: I
con 100 or IDTC

  • Proximity and Fingerprint Verification

  • Stores up to 720/2000/4500 Fingerprints

  • RS232 Communication Jack for Uploading/Downloading Fingerprints Using PDA or Notebook

  • Dual Fingerprint Registration

  • Prox Only, Prox + Finger Mode (FGR006)

  • Network Communication Via RS232/RS422/RS485 (Max. 255ch) and TCP/IP (Converter Required)

  • Verification Time: <1 Second

  • External Reader Port to work With Existing Proximity Reader (26bit Wigand) or Keypad/Barcode/Magstripe Reader (FGR006EX)

  • Wigand, ABA Track II output

  • Mode Selection of 2-way Fingerprint Download (Directly or indirectly from FGR006REG)

  • High Resistance to Scratches and ESD


CPU 32bit Strong ARM and dual 8bit microprocessors
Memory Finger Module Program Memory- 8KByte ROM
Data Memory- 1Mbit/ 2Mbit/ 4Mbit flash memory
Controller Program Memory- 64KByte Flash ROM
Data Memory: 255KByte SDRAM
Fingerprint Templates 720/2000/4500 Fingerprint Templates
Template Size 800 Bytes
Verification Time <1 Second
Proximity Reader FGR006- Integrated 10cm Prox Reader (125KHz)
FGR006SR- Integrated 10cm MIFARE Reader (13.56 MHz)
External Reader Port (FGR006EX) 1 Reader Port (26bit Wigand, ABA Track II, 8bit Burst (Keypad)
Output 26bit Wigand, ABA Track II
Open Controller Output Fingerprint Verification Error
Inputs LED Control, Beeper Control (RS485)
Communication Port Addressable RS485/RS422 (Max255)/RS232
Port/TCP/IP (External Converter)
Baud Rate: 4800 bps, 9600 bps (Default), 19200 bps, and 38400 bps
Power DC 7V~DC17V, Max. 350mA
Operating Environment -15C~+40C(+5F~104F), 10%~90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Dimensions 66mm x 129mm x 52mm (2.6" x 5.1" x 2.0")
Typical Applications
  • Main entrances
  • R&D Rooms
  • Test Labs
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Drug Closets
  • Server Rooms
  • Offices
  • Employee Tracking

Product Information
Part Number Finger006 Description
FGR006 Fingerprint Reader (720 users), Integrated Prox Reader
Finger006REG Fingerprint Registration Terminal
FGR006EX Fingerprint + External Reader Port (720 Fingerprint Reader)
FGR006SR Fingerprint Reader (720 Users), Integrated 13.65MHz (MIFARE)


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