Fingerprint and Proximity Card Reader

Index Access_FGR007_Biometric_Physical_Access_Device

Know Exactly Who Came Through Your Door!
Replace your keys with a fingerprint.

   Index Access features its fingerprint biometric physical access FGR007 model. The FGR007 is a standalone, self-contained fingerprint verification access device with an integrated controller, able to port multiple devices. This unit can accept multiple options for authentication, utilizing proximity cards, smart cards, and PIN numbers with fingerprint verification using an optical scanner.
   The FGR007 is perfect for offices, factories, IT server rooms, or any location requiring monitored and verified access. As a standalone device or integrated into a network, the FGR007 is a highly versatile and scalable assurance to individual access.

  • Uses fingerprint and proximity card

  • Dual function for Access control and Time & Attendance

  • 720 fingerprint holders/ 26,000 event buffers (2,000/4,500 fingerprints optional)

  • Integrated 10 cm RF Proximity reader and optical fingerprint module.
    Standalone/Network communication via RS232/RS422 (Max 32ch.), TCP/IP available with LAN converter

  • Proximity only, proximity and finger, PIN and finger (007P), or proximity, finger, and PIN modes.

  • Dual fingerprint registration

  • Independent 4 input/4 output including 2-FORM-C relay outputs

  • External reader port for anti-passback operation

  • 10 time zones and 10 holiday schedules

Memory Capacities:

Time Zone 10
Time Interval 5
Holiday Schedule 10
Holidays 32


CPU 32bit Strong ARM and dual 8bit microprocessors
Memory Finger Module Program Memory- 8KByte ROM
Data Memory- 1Mbit/ 2Mbit/ 4Mbit flash memory
Controller Program Memory- 64KByte flash
Data Memory: 4Mbit SRAM (Battery Backup)
fingerprint reader Optical
Reading Time Card: 30ms, Fingerprint: <1 second
Card Holders/ Event Buffers 720 Finger & Card Holders
Optional 4,500 Finger & Card Holders
26,000 Event Buffers
Template Size 720/2,000/4,500 Fingerprint Templates
Reader Ports/ Data Format Integrated 4 yard RF Proximity Reader/26bit Wiegand Format
External Reader Port/26bit Wiegand Format For Anti-passback
Input/Output Ports Isolation Units: 4 Each
Outputs: 2 Each FORM-C Relay (COM, NO, NC), Rating 2A Max.
TTL Outputs: 2 Each
Communications Addressable RS485/RS422/RS232 port, TCP/IP Available With LAN Converter
Baud Rate: 4800bps, 9600bps (default), 19200bps and 38400bps
Software Programmable
LCD Display 1 LCD Module, 2 Lines x 16ch, 65.6x13.8mm view area
Keypads 16 Numeric Keypad with backlighting
Anti-pass Back Yes
LED Indicators 3 LED's (Red, Green, Yellow)
Power DC 12V, 350mA
Color Dark Pearl Gray
Weight 547g (1.2 lbs.)



Typical Applications
  • Main entrances
  • R&D Rooms
  • Test Labs
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Drug Closets
  • Server Rooms
  • Offices
  • Employee Tracking

We offer 3 options as needed :
Prox and Fingerprint verification
Pin and Fingerprint verification (P)
Smart / Mifare Card and Fingerprint verification

Product Information

Part Number FGR007 Description

Prox and Fingerprint verification

FGR007-1prox 720 Users, Integrated Proximity
FGR007-2prox 2,000 Users, Integrated Proximity
FGR007-4prox 4,500 Users, Integrated Proximity
+Ask for Smart / Mifare Card  options
Option Pin and Fingerprint verification
FGR007P-1 720 Users, PIN + Finger Operation
FGR007P-2 2,000 Users, PIN + Finger Operation
FGR007P-4 4,500 Users, PIN + Finger Operation
+Ask for Software for Tracking devices and users

RS232 to RS422 converter
For distances of 12 feet or more from device to PC; a special RS232 to RS422 converter will be needed.

Contact Index Security for details.

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